When you are 17 you should be thinking of your senior  year in high school. You should be planning for what your future might hold. For 17 year old Zach Sobiech of Lakeland Minnesota his plans are not really up to him anymore. Zach was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2009. Subsequent treatments and protocol have not had the desired effects and Zach was recently told he only had months to live.

Instead of curling up in a ball and whining away his last few months on the planet, Zach did a very brave and incredible thing. He used his talent as a musician to make a difference for those might be walking in his shoes. He established a fund to aid in research of the disease which might claim his life.

This is the video for Zach's song "Clouds". As he so eloquently puts it, he's going "up up up, where the view is a little nicer".

Zach thank you for sharing your view of heaven with us. I have no doubt your spirit will find its way inside everyone who shares your music.