Luke and I just started up College again and of course we got to talking about the ups and downs of our first day back on UL's Campus!

We both agreed that there are just certain people who you should NOT sit by.

1. Sit next to someone who hasn't showered since Friday night.

- You can smell the Alcohol dripping from their pours because they needed that one last hoo-rah before school started up. Jeez people, at least put some deodorant on and try to bathe in cologne!

2. The person who is in love with their phone.

- Dear "Mr. Text award Winner" I'd rather pay attention to what the teacher is trying to tell me, especially on the first day of class. Don't mind if I throw that phone out of the window because I'm trying to get out of school, and I pay a lot of money to come to school!

3. The lovely girl who is drop dead gorgeous!

- She smells good, she looks good, she has a boyfriend! Sorry, but I can't think about what is going on in front of the classroom, all I can pay attention to is that great tan you got this summer and those hearts you are drawing on your notebook during lecture

Have you ever sat next to any of these folks before?