You and I both have those knock down drag out texting battles with friends/family members. I'm sure you sit there and proof read and think about everything you want to say as you text.

Especially when you really want to yell at someone via your phone and you're in an environment that you can't really sit there and scream at them.

Here are three things that you might find useful in your next texting battle.

1. Caps Lock

Tap Settings
Tap General
Tap Keyboard
Tap Enable Caps Lock slider

2. Snapping a picture without tapping the screen.

If you pull up your camera and click the "volume up" button on the side of your phone it acts the same as tapping the photo button on your phone's screen.

3. Quick "period"

If you type a message and double tap the space bar it automatically put's a period at the end of the sentence.


What are some iPhone tricks you know about that you think might help some others out?