Super Bowl commercials are almost just as important as the actual game. While watching the big game, it is hard to decide when you should get up to grab another beer or use the restroom, because you do not want to miss the commercials. Yes, I know I am a day late, but I want to share with you the five, best Super Bowl commercials of 2013 in case you did not get to see any. Did you know that a 30-second Super Bowl commercial advertisement costs around $3 million? So, if you were a part of a Super Bowl ad, it would have to be absolutely amazing! According to the Washington Post, here are the top five, best Super Bowl advertisements of 2013:

1.) Taco Bell

2.) Samsung

3.) Best Buy

4.) Budweiser

5.) Tide

Here is a bonus commercial I want to show you featuring Supermodel, Bar Refaeli. Let's just say it certainly left me in a state of shock/disgust. Don't watch it if you hate kissing.


6.) Go Daddy