As someone who never had many dogs growing up, I always knew that there were some breeds of dogs that are very intelligent and then some who, well, let's just say like to keep it simple.

A little over a year ago, Santa Claus passed and brought my now 8-year-old son a Basenji puppy. Never heard of this breed? Neither had we until we did some research and saw this breed as very intelligent and lovable.

Our Kyreaux is very intelligent. Sometimes too smart for his own good.

Now, when I was a teenager, we had a Chihuahua who was not so much a smart cookie but the sweetest thing ever.

I guess the point here is -- it takes a village even when it comes to pets.

A survey was conducted recently of 122 veterinary professionals in which they identified which dog breeds they thought were the least intelligent. Of course, this isn't to say that these dogs aren't trainable or clever, it's just that they probably won't keep up with the border collie in obedience class.

Here are the five breeds that top the list of least intelligent dogs.

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    The Chihuahua often has a big personality, but part of that personality tends to be self-centered, which in turn gets them in trouble. Couple that with the fact that they tend to focus their love or attention on one member of the family (and usually gets away with too much), makes us perceive them as not being very intelligent.

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    Come on, not a pug! Yep, these pooches are very sweet, friendly and funny. Pugs tend to be food-motivated and very accomplished at begging. But if you spoil her with treats, you may have some luck with training.

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    Weimaraners might be best known for posing handsomely for William Wegman, but don't expect to sit still for you. This breed is very active with a passion for hunting and hanging with the family. The Weimaraner usually is always on "go" mode and doesn't like being along, so he can be a handful for the family if you don't have time to work with him.


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    Irish Setter

    Move over Willie Nelson, this is the rowdiest redhead we know. Your Irish Setter has a lot of spunk for life. (See, we can be nice.) She'll often be puppy-like until her third birthday, at which time she'll settle down a bit, however, more than likely she'll still be care-free and stubborn. They make great pets but need an owner who can give them time for plenty of exercise.

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    Basset Hound

    My wife had a basset hound when we were dating and boy, what a slobberer. In addition to his short, stubby legs and droopy appearance, he's also known for his distinctive howl. Of course, that howl can be pretty annoying when he doesn't care to listen to your commands. Overall though, he's typically loving and affectionate, loves kids, but doesn't care to be left alone in the backyard.

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