This is great. I remember these shoe styles like it was yesterday, and you will too! At the time, I thought these different shoe styles were the greatest thing ever, but now I'm wondering what was I ever thinking?

I stumbled across this amazing list of 90's shoe trends on, and I could not agree more! Which ones do you regret the most? One of these styles is making a come-back.

  • 1

    Jelly Shoes

    Squishy and comfortable.

    Jelly shoes were actually pretty darn cool. You could wear them all day, every day and it didn't matter if they got wet.
  • 2

    Doc Martens

    "The" shoe to wear in junior high.

    Leather, synthetic sole, platform... what else do ya need to know? You know you paired them with your school uniform.
  • 3

    Steve Madden Black Platform Sandals

    OMG... totally reminiscing right now.

    These shoes were worn to church, a school dance, or a day at the mall with friends. There was just something about the way you looked with the large, stretchy strap across your foot. You could pair them with just about anything.

  • 4

    Wooden Clogs

    We live in America... not Holland.

    Not too sure what it was about these shoes but boy, I thought they looked great with a pair of boot cut jeans. Not only were they uncomfortable, but also big, clunky, and really hard to walk in.
  • 5

    Anything Leopard

    Furry, leopard sandals

    You had a pair, didn't you? It was like wearing a pet on your feet.
  • 6

    Adidas Unisex Sandals

    These weren't even comfortable in the slightest!

    These unisex sandals were everyone's favorite. Guys would wear them with tall, white socks. I think my dad still rocks a pair...
  • 7


    These are the shoes that are making a comeback!

    I've been seeing Keds in shoe boutiques at the mall lately. They are a hassle-free, simple pair of shoes to wear with just about everything. Now, you will see different colors and patterns of Keds, but the classic white is so 90s.