If you were around in 1984 and living anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico you were inundated with propaganda about the New Orleans World's Fair. This was supposed to be Louisiana's coming out party to the world. It was supposed to showcase all that's good about where we live, how we work and the fun we have. It appears to have only demonstrated the amount of greed, graft and corruption Louisiana was famous for back in the day.

How badly mismanaged was the '84 World's Fair? Let's just say 60 Minutes sent a crew down to cover the story or should we say, uncover the true story.

I, like many of you, had the chance to visit the fair. My wife even performed at the exposition a couple of times too. Since we are now a quarter of a century removed from the chaos and boondoggle how do you feel about your World's Fair experience? Was it a good thing or something you wish I really wouldn't have brought up?