There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding Dolly Parton's recent concert stop in the United Kingdom. One concert goer, Hugh Lamont, says from where he sat it was clear that Dolly Parton was not 100% real.

We're not talking about the boobs and wigs, we're talking about the actual show. That performance has left many a Dolly Parton fan shaking their head. Why would someone so talented feel the need to fake it?

Here is what Mr. Hugh told us on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show about his experience at one of Dolly's recent United Kingdom shows.

Mr. Hugh says he was in row 8 and not watching the video monitors when his wife noticed something was amiss with Dolly's performance. Needless to say the experience has taken a Dolly Parton fan and turned him into a former Dolly Parton fan.

Here is video from one of Dolly's recent shows in the U.K. see if you can tell if something is not right between the action on stage and the audio you hear. If you want to skip ahead to the 2:18 mark that is when things really start to look a little wonky.