Let's say you spring for your favorite cup of coffee everyday, it's not too expensive you can afford it right? What if that cup of coffee was keeping you from taking a dream vacation or being secure in your retirement? No way, a cup of coffee? Well it all adds up over time. You would be surprised at the real cost of "the little things" when you look at them over ten years or even thirty years. Smokers beware,  you aren't going to like what this article has to tell you!

What's your money pit? Have you ever tried to calculate the long-term cost? If you want to play, use the comments section to say what you buy regularly and what it costs. I'll do the math to let you know the long-term cost -- and even work it out for whatever time frame you want. 18 years? Game on.

My personal feeling is that you are only guranteed today, tomorrow is still up in the air. So why not splurge and get the extra shot in your coffee or order that extra dessert or get that new gadget you've been wanting. It's thinking like this that will probably have me holding up a cardboard sign at some intersection in my golden years.

(via Yahoo! Finance - Financially Fit.)