We are a nation of immigrants. Almost all of us can trace our family tree back to another country, another land, another culture generations before we came to call Acadiana home.

The flow of immigrants from other countries is not new to America. However, the concept of immigrants getting into our country illegally is quite troubling.  The flow of undocumented persons into our country using our resources is a hot political button.

One Louisiana lawmaker, Valarie Hodges a representative from Denham Springs is pushing that button in hopes that you will share your thoughts on this issue in our country and in our state.  Ms Hodges sits on the House Criminal Justice Committee and she sees the immigration story unfolding in our neighboring state of Texas as a good reason for Louisiana to start taking action now before the issue crosses the Sabine River.

Ms Hodges concern is that Louisiana shelters and other assets might be used to house illegal immigrants and that could put a strain on the state. She wants to know what you think about the issue.

"A lot of these aliens are being sent to other states. We think that they will be sent here, and i just want to hear the pulse of the people"

Ms Hodges says her concern is also about the kind of people that might be sent to be housed in Louisiana shelters.

"There's gang members, there's drug cartels. It's a humanitarian crisis, but what you are seeing in a lot of these pictures is older teenage young men."

Representative Hodges made her comments in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network. If you'd like to add your thoughts and views to Ms Hodges survey you are invited to comment on a Facebook Page that she published and take a short survey on the issue.