For many of us the Korean Conflict was something that happened during a TV show called M*A*S*H. In reality it wasn't a comedy, it was a war. For one Acadiana family there will finally be some closure to a conflict that was certainly not at TV show. It was real life and this case a real loss of life.

Sargent Clement Thibodeaux Jr. will finally be coming home this Saturday. Sgt Thibodeaux served his country in the Korean Conflict some 63 years ago. He was captured when he was just 18. He died in 1954 in a North Korean prisoner of war camp, .

For many years his family did not know of the young mans fate. However in 2005, DNA testing determined that remains discovered in Korea were that of Sgt Thibodeaux. Those remains will be coming home to Church Point this Saturday.

Motorist along the route from Baton Rouge to Church Point will notice a huge procession of law enforcement vehicles as well as members of the Patriot Guard Riders who will accompany the remains of Sgt Thibodeaux for the ride to his final resting place in Our Lady of Sacred Heart Cemetery.

The Thibodeaux family will be presented with 2 purple hearts, a combat infantry badge and a good conduct medal on behalf of Sgt. Thibodeaux. American Legion Post 225 will assist in the services.

Sargent Thibodeaux died so that we might enjoy the way of life we celebrate as Americans. We respectfully ask that you pause for a moment to remember this brave American Solider and the sacrifice that he and his family made for our country. Sgt. Thibodeaux on behalf of all of us here at 97.3 The Dawg, welcome home, Rest In Peace.