I am not a good flyer. I am not afraid to fly, I just get motion sick really easily. I can't even watch a Merry Go Round with out getting queasy. You can only imagine how I react on take off and landing. Still I have had my overseas adventures. I have been to Russia, Hawaii, Tahiti and all over Europe without so much as using one air sickness bag. I take a lot of pills when I fly.

I do have one particular fear about flying. It is not crashing. It is the close proximity of strangers.

They sit right next to you on a plane and they want to talk to you. The nerve of some people. I guess I would rather have a talker than a lean over sleeper. That is my worst fear. Someone that I do not know falling asleep on me.

What would you do in such a case? Here is what one traveler did, he took a video of the incident.