Got big summer vacation plans in the works? Maybe you will be traveling to one of these five, most popular summer vacation destinations in America.

Most of us enjoy going to the beach during the long, hot summer months, but these 5 spots are the most popular when it comes to summer vacationing. Each place is definitely known for something whether it is fun things to do, delicious food, or a popular reputation.




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    Washington, D.C.

    America's Capital

    The nation's capital is an extremely popular vacation destination for Americans and foreigners. Why so? There is so much to do such as:  sight-see, visit the museums and historical monuments, and even check out where the president lives (White House). The city welcomes about 15 million visitors each year.


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    Los Angeles - Long Beach, California

    City of Flowers and Sunshine aka. La La Land

    I can totally see why this is on the list. California is one of those places that everyone wants to visit at least one time in their lives. Mainly because you hear so much about it and eventually have to see it with your own eyes. Summer is the leading season for tourism in LA because of its beach culture.. the nightlife also offers a variety of options.

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    New York, N.Y.

    The Empire State

    Summer is a popular time to visit New York because it is when many of the locals are leaving to do other things. Therefore, it is easier for tourists to score the best reservations and tickets to the popular shows. Each year, the city expects around 12.9 million visitors during the summer.

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    Orlando, Fl.


    There's really no other reason to visit Orlando if you don't plan on enjoying a week at Walt Disney World. (Sorry if I can't say that...) WDW is the top theme park in the entire world, so why not go where all of the Disney magic began? WDW is constantly adding new rides and things to do for the entire family to enjoy.

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    Chicago, Ill.

    The Windy City

    According to, "Chicago's dining, cultural and recreation options rival any city in the world." I love Chicago as well, and it's not just because I was born there. There is a whole lot to do and the weather is quite pleasant during the summer months. If you ever go, you must visit the 96th floor of the Sears Tower. Talk about breathtaking, city views!

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