When you grow up in Starkville MS , the home of Mississippi State University, you learn to have low expectations of your college football team very early in life. Even growing up in Starkville I always liked LSU. My main reason for being partial to the TIgers was that fact that they always beat Ole Miss.


The other day my running buddy Winky Dinky Dawg shared this little nugget he saw on a web site called Bleacher Report. The report was posted in 2011 and to be quite honest I think it painted Tiger fans in a really bad light.

Even SEC fans, some of the most passionate in the world, voted LSU the worst hosts for football games. These Tigers are insane and will verbally and physically attack you.

I do agree that fans of South Eastern Conference football are the most passionate on the planet I have never felt a trip to Tiger stadium was anything like what Bleacher Report reported.

I think most LSU fans are like Winky DInky Dawg. They are passionate about their team. They love to see the Tigers win. They expect the coaches to do their job at a very high level and they don't mind cheering loudly when their team does well. Here is what Wink had to say about the report.

 (I have),Been living in the Lafayette area now for over 20 years and absolutely love it here and would not choose to live anywhere else.  In fact, I’m a UL Ragin Cajun fan and go to as many of the football games as I can with my son and root for them in basketball, baseball and softball.  However, I am an LSU graduate and consider myself a staunch supporter....  I cheer when they are winning and complain when they lose but when the game is over, it’s over.  I do not trash talk or try to get in anyone face.  It’s just rude
That's from a guy who has an LSU tattoo on his leg. I think the Bleacher Report folks got this one wrong. They mistook passion and dedication to excellence for arrogance and poor sportsmanship. It is certainly not my opinion. Every time I have been on the grounds of Tiger Stadium in my Mississippi Sate gear I am treated with sympathy and understanding. Maybe your team has to be good for the Tiger fans to show their teeth.