This, is an awesome story about awesome people doing awesome things.

Chy Johnson is a freshman at Queen Creek High in Arizona. Not only is she a freshman, but she also has a brain disorder. Put the two together, and unfortunately, she is an easy target for bullies. It got so bad, she even had kids throwing trash at her. But, all that has come to stop now.

From - "The bullying incidents got so bad that Johnson's mother reached out to the one teen at the school with whom she had a social connection through a friend, a senior named Carson Jones. As it turns out, Jones is also the starting quarterback for the Queen Creek football team, a good looking one at that. In short, he is the apex of cool at Queen Creek."

Johnson's mom reached out to Carson to get the names of the kids that were bullying her daughter, but instead, she got something she wasn't expecting. Jones decided to take it upon himself to protect the freshman, eating lunch with her every day and ensuring that she was protected by a group of other football players when she walked through the hall!

"They're not mean to me, because all my boys love me," Chy told AZFamily. "So much."

"It feels good to know that we helped someone else, because you know, we're doing good, everything for us is going well, but someone else needs to feel good, too," Queen Creek senior Tucker Workman told AZFamily.

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