There are surveys for everything. The latest one has helps us profile the average dad.

What exactly is the average dad? According to the survey, here is what your normal father is all about:

  • Has two kids
  • Became a dad when he was 28
  • Makes about $45,000 per year
  • Gets home from work around 5:53pm, is watching TV by 7:47pm and is in bed by 10:15pm
  • Drives a Ford and puts 46 miles a week on it driving kids around
  • Has two arguments with the kids each week
  • Makes 10 "dad jokes" per week
  • Embarrasses his kids in public five times a month

So guys, does this sound close to you? Or are you like me: Father of one, who drives a Chevy that goes to bed at 6:30pm and embarrasses his kid every five minutes?

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