You've been at the park and you've seen the signs. I am not talking about the physical signs, the emotional signs of a child under a lot of pressure because of an obnoxious parent in the stands. We've all had to sit next to or have been close enough to hear that guy. The guy that yells at his kid on the field, blames the umpire for missing calls and generally makes everyone at the park uncomfortable.

One city in suburban Chicago,Buffalo Grove Illinois, has addressed the issue by posting this sign at their ball parks.

Buffalo Grove Parks Dept

This let's parents, coaches, and anyone else who attends the games being played in the park that being stupid will not be tolerated. I personally think this is a stroke of genius. Most parents don't want to get involved with an overbearing idiot and the resulting public conflict. This sign will empower the entire crowd to shame the bully into keeping his or her thoughts to his or herself.

Would you be in favor of signs like these being posted where your children play sports?