I've always heard remarkable stories about St. Jude Children's Hospital.  Families would share their hard experiences; some ending in joy and others ending in loss.  I knew how amazing this hospital was and how well they treated their patients and the families.  It is pitiful that it took me until today to finally make a donation.  I would hear the stories of cancer stricken children and think to myself, there are plenty of other people who can donate money.  However, I immediately would have a guilty feeling inside of me.  I think we all look for reasons and excuses not to donate money.  Once I took the time to actually think to myself that these are children who are going through a hardship that I hope to never endure, it made me feel sick to my stomach.  Absolutely no child deserves to go through something so severe and difficult, but I do believe God has a plan for everyone.  The children and families need our support and love.  It felt amazing to put my money towards helping children battle cancer.  Giving back is what we are meant to do on this planet.  Everyone has their own destiny and we should help each other in any way possible.  Please everyone, take the time to think about these children and families who need our support.