Looking for things to do outdoors this summer? Well we asked our staff here at The Dawg what they like to do outdoors around Lafayette. They had some great suggestions but there was one little problem... 

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    Geocaching is a great activity for the whole family. All you need to have is a GPS, some coordinates and a desire to look for treasure. Basically geocaching is the ultra-modern version of the scavenger hunt. You visit one of the many geocaching sites online, zero in on the area in which you want to stay in and then use your GPS to try and get as close as you can to the hidden objects. The objects are usually valuable, they might be a toy solider or button or a small garden gnome. The fun is in the finding. It also teaches mapping skills and powers of observation and you can do it any time of the day or night.

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    Swamp Tours

    For a lot of us that live in Lafayette our only view of the beautiful wetlands around us is from the I-10 bridge at 70mph. There is so much beauty to be seen when you leave the pavement and head out on the water. You would be surprised how cool it is in the swamp beneath shade of the cypress trees. The flowers are beautiful and the wildlife can be spectacular. Make sure you bring your camera and a cool drink or two and a little bit of bug spray is probably a good idea too.

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    Pick Your Own Berries

    We all love fresh strawberries, blueberries, figs, peaches and more; and Louisiana and the Lafayette area has several farms that do everything but pick them for you. These farms take the work out of growing the berries and give you and your family the experience of harvesting. You can pick as much as you like and you usually pay by the pound or by the bucket. It’s a great way to get fresh berries for homemade ice cream or Sunday lunch cobbler and you can tell your guests you picked them yourself.

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    You might think you have to pay for advice on the best plants to grow and the best way to grow them but believe it or not you’re already paying for that service. The Louisiana Ag Center and Parish Agents office have free advice for those that want to grow their own. Gardening is a great way to get outside and you can usually beat the heat by working early in the morning or late in the day. Whether your passion is beautiful flowers and plants or you want to put food on the table and have loads of fresh tomatoes, gardening is an outdoor activity that many people in Louisiana love. With the help of your Ag Service office you can have all of your questions answered for free!

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    When you’re called America’s Wetlands you’re probably going to be on or near the water at some time during the summer. A lot of Lafayette natives love to fish and with the plentiful ponds, lakes and bayous we’ve got loads of freshwater action and if you’re after saltwater fish, a short drive and you are on the coast and ready to go. The professional guides can help even the novice angler land a keeper. We are the Sportsman’s Paradise and there is great fishing less than a 30 minute drive from where ever you’re live in Lafayette.

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