So with the Super Bowl coming up you would expect business in Limo rentals and rental cars to be blowing up big time. If you want to make the bigger bucks, you need to think smaller, like fairway, country club smaller. Golf Carts are among the hottest commodities in Big D as V.I.P's headed for the game are out to arrive in style and we don't mean Caddillac Style!

The company has rented out its entire inventory and called other vendors for more carts. That's more than 100 vehicles. Some will be delivered to hotels for extra security including ALOFT in Dallas and to Gene Simmons' party," Aces and Angles, Salute to the Troops".

If you've got a custom cart there is a chance that you could make a few bucks from even as far away as Acadiana! That's how hard it is to find a golf cart in Dallas for Super Bowl Weekend. Geez, what if you just wanted to play 18 holes that day?