Blake Shelton may be a complete goofball who never takes anything in life too seriously, but his love for Miranda Lambert is like no other. He plans on taking Miranda away for a relaxing getaway once her work obligations and appearances are through. 

Miranda's new album, Platinum, debuted no. 1 on the Billboard 200, so her life has been quite busy and hectic lately. The couple's third wedding anniversary was May 14 and Blake wants to make sure his wife can truly relax after these past busy weeks.

“By the time a week like this is over with her album launch mixed with CMA Fest, she’s just going to be a zombie,” Shelton told Us Weekly on June 3 at the Pepsi press conference in Nashville. “I know she is. So yesterday I had my last day on set before coming here, and I drove down to Lake Texoma. We’ve got a boat down there and marina. I’m not a mechanic, but I managed to get this thing running, because I know when she gets back, she’s gonna want to do something like that—just go and float around and drink and get pulled on the tube or something. So I thought ‘Well, I’ll get me some points in the end and get the old boat running.’ So I did.”

Miranda has been a busy woman lately with her new album and keeping up with her new, hot body. Despite the ridiculous tabloids which claimed a while back that the popular country singers were on the rocks, Shelton and Lambert are still going strong.

“She means so much,” Shelton said of his Grammy-winning wife. “I do think some of that early tabloid stuff that happened probably did have an effect on her. And I was upset for her to go through it. And I think there will be a reflection—when you listen to the album—a reflection of some of those times that are going to be in a song she has called ‘Priscilla.’ It’s kind of known that that’s directed straight at me. She wears her heart on her sleeve.”