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Congressman Charles Boustany is very passionate about serving those that have served this country. In many occasions on the Bruce and the Kennel Club Show Congressman Boustany has expressed his displeasure with the way the Veterans Administration and it's policies and procedures have been less than adequate in the care of our veterans. That is why the congressman  has pushed so hard to have VA clinics built in Lafayette and Lake Charles.Those plans for VA clinics in South Louisiana could become a reality if a vote schedule for this week in congress goes as planned.

"This is a big step forward to get these clinics built.  Getting this legislation agreed upon, voted upon this week is a very major step forward."

Boustany told the Louisiana Radio Networkthat when asked about the progress of his proposed legislation. The Congressman went on to say that funding for the proposed clinics should not be an issue if congress votes to authorize the clinics.

"And I've been in conversations with the chairman of the sub-committee dealing with funding for our military and VA construction.  He's actually been to Lafayette to do a town hall with me with the veterans.  And he's very, very open to working with me on this."

Boustany feels very confident that congress will pass the legislation and the projects can begin to move forward before the August recess. Hear Congressman Boustany's take on where we go from here. He was on with Bruce and the Kennel Club this morning.