A family of 7 from Breaux Bridge is trying to pick up the pieces after they lost everything in a house fire Sunday. Luckily, everyone escaped the fire safety and no one was injured. However, as they try to move forward, they are asking Acadiana for help.

From KATC -

Sunday night they were at home eating dinner when one of their five children noticed the families truck was on fire.
“I went right into my military mode. I went outside and turned the hose on and tried putting out the fire. I was there until the gas tank blew on the truck and whenever that happened it engulfed the entire carport. I knew it was too late and I couldn’t do anything,” said Melancon.
The fire spread to the house, but thankfully everyone got out safely.
“I mean that’s really the only thing that helps me sleep at night, is knowing that my kids are safe and O.K.,” said Melancon.
Investigators say the fire started in the truck, but are not sure the cause.
“We really don’t know what caused this, but we’re going to make it through this. We’re fighters, not quitters,” said Melancon.
The family is currently staying with relatives, but are in need of anything from shoes to furniture.

Age: 5
Shirt/ Pant Size: 5/ 5-6
Shoe: Kids 9

Age: 7
Shirt/ Pant Size: 7/ 7-8
Shoe: Kids 11 1/2

Twin Girls
Age: 8
Shirt/ Pant Size: 8/ 8
Shoe: 2

Age: 14
Shirt/ Pant Size: Large/ 31-32
Shoe: 11

Shirt/ Pants: L-XL/ 16-18
Shoe: 8 1/2

Shirt/ Pants: Large/ 31-32
Shoe: 10

The family LOVES LSU.
The boys love dragons, sharks, Skylanders anything
The oldest son loves Xbox
The girls love Barbies, dolls, hair bows.
Mom loves anything girly (purses, etc.)
Dad loves anything hunting.

The family is currently is in need of pillows, blankets, sheets, towels, etc.

Monetary donations:


Donations can be dropped off at TWO locations:

1151 Earline Drive
Breaux Bridge
(small items ONLY)


Crossroads Church (until Friday)
150 Verona Dr
8:30 AM – 5 PM
**If you can please call before stopping by (337) 234-4308