There was a country song that was quite popular a few years ago. Little Things Mean a Lot was a big hit on the country music charts for Margo Smith. If you're a fan of Classic Country Saturday Night on 97.3 The Dawg you probably know the song. I am not here to tell you about the little things that mean a lot, I am here to tell you about the little things that hurt a lot. They may be small in stature but they are big on the pain scale, at least in my world.


Tortilla Chips

Most of the time Tortilla Chips are a tasty treat. They are a pleasure to eat and not much of a pain at all. Until they get turned sideways in your mouth and you bite down on them in such a way that one of the sharp points of the triangle shaped chip poke a hole in the roof of your mouth. There is no way to ease the pain of this kind of injury and you will find most people have very little sympathy for someone who is injured this way. There are also some other foods that can rip the roof of your mouth to shreds so watch out for these tasty treats too.

In the hands of an imaginative child Lego's are wonderful. They can be used to create amazing toys, buildings, robots and other creations, but when left alone on a living room floor in the dark and are then stepped on by bare feet, the Lego brick becomes one of the most prolific pain distribution devices ever conceived by mankind. Legos will also burn the motor out of your vacuum cleaner. I personally think the best place for kids to play with Legos it at the neighbors house.

Static Shocks

These usually happen until  in the colder months and they hurt. Who knew there was so much science in walking across a carpeted floor or putting on a fleece sweatshirt. There is obviously something about certain fabrics that lend themselves to the holding of static electricity. It is this same static electricity that becomes a painful reminder that you just touched a door knob. For me the worst part of the static experience is when you are about to kiss your beloved and you get the static shock to the lips. For some reason nobody I love seems to think that is very romantic.

Biting Your Tongue or Cheek

I think one of the reasons this hurts so bad is because you feel so stupid when you do it. The problem with biting your tongue or cheek, besides the pain, is that you have a tendency to do it again and again and again in the same spot. It's like your teeth are now magically drawn to the affected area. It might be because the area has become swollen due to the repeated trauma your mouth keeps inflicting.

Opening The Oven

I always have to go check a mirror to make sure I still have eyebrows after doing this. You open the oven door to check on the food you are cooking and through that tiny crack a rush of super heated air rushes right into your face. Who knew you needed safety glasses to make fish sticks? It only takes me one time to remember to wait a second before looking in the oven while I am cooking. Well one time per dish anyway.

What little things are painful to you? I bet it involves trimming your nails doesn't it? Share your little pains with me, maybe we missed some really good ones.