The Saints aren't in the "Big Game" this Sunday. I couldn't give a rodents rear end about Denver and Seattle so for me the draw of the game is the commercials. Since a lot of those have already been released on the internet I am running out of reasons to slam chicken wings and eat nachos in the living room this Sunday evening. If you're like me, you'll want to have some other games to play during the trademark named championship game. Here are some suggestions on ways to make your party fun and profitable.

Heads or tails, what will the coin toss be?- This is an easy one. Pick heads or tails and put your money in the pot. Those that guess correctly share the pot. If you're reading this in Colorado I am saying  you share the money not the pot.

What will the first animal featured in a commercial?- Humans don't count in this contest so you can tell the your smart butt engineer friends to guess again. The way we play cartoons count. By feature we don't mean a dog in the background we mean the animal actually is the focus or one of the stars of the commercial. It's good this one is played out early since over consumption of alcohol could cause some serious arguments over interpretation of the rules.

What will the first play of the game be?- This is a lot like the coin toss. It's either a run or a pass and even if you don't know squat about football you've got a 50/50 chance of winning money on this one.

Will the first person to score a touchdown be taller or shorter than Brooke Shields?  You will want to know that Brooke tops out right at 6 feet tall. You can look up the stats of the player that "breaks the plane" to get their exact height.

What color liquid will be poured on the winning coach? Think of all the flavors and colors of sports drinks. Wow, that seems like a hard one to guess! Most teams stick with one flavor through out the season. I suggest you hit the internet and do some research. You can also guess none because this game is outside and it will be cold and a Gatorade bath might kill John Fox or Pete Carroll. While I don't wish them ill, that last sentence made me smile.