Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Criminals are not known for being rocket scientists, and this certainly proves the case.

From our friends at Payton Brewer and his buddy had allegedly just robbed a woman's house in McAlester, Okla., while she was attending her husband's funeral. The duo were reportedly discussing going back for more loot when a most unfortunate thing happened: an inadvertent butt-dial. To 911. Authorities heard as one suspect said, "I didn't even get to go through half of the house," followed by, "We're good, I got enough jewelry." Cops traced the call and tracked the suspects down at a local gold and silver exchange shop, where they appeared to be trying to hawk the stolen goods. Brewer was arrested, and the second man fled — hopefully with a cellphone tucked in his pocket that will dial 911 for him. Way to go, genius.