There are so many reasons to love Taco Bell. I personally love the Burrito Supreme, it's my favorite along with the Soft Tacos and the Cinnamon Twists for dessert. Taco Bell, long famous for it's little dog commercial and it's late night hours has opened a new chapter in eating. Taco Bell's new Cantina Bell Menu is going to be available beginning Thursday nationwide.
What is the Cantina Bell Menu? It's a whole new taste, a whole new flavor and whole new direction for the people who once told you to make a run for the border. The Cantina Bell Menu is inspired by the recipes of Chef Lorena Garcia. Chef Garcia is getting worldwide attention for her creative takes on Latin themed dishes that not only refresh and satisfy the palate but surprise the taste buds in a most unique way.



Taco Bell's collaboration with Chef Garcia include an amazingly light tasting but appetizing satisfying Cantina Burrito. This burrito isn't your normal Taco Bell burrito. The Cantina Burrito features a delightful citrus-herb marinated chicken breast, served with cilantro rice, black beans and a roasted corn and pepper salsa that you would expect to find in a 5 star restaurant. Don't let all this talk about light and refreshing flavor fool you, this burrito is packed and more than enough to satisfy the biggest appetite.



If you are looking for a leaner and healthier take on Taco Bell the Cantina Bowl is what the ladies are going to love. Chef Garcia's take on the Cantina Bowl finds that same citrus-herbed chicken, cilantro rice, black beans and that oh so good roasted corn and pepper salsa served over fresh crisp Romaine lettuce. Talk filling, refreshing, healthy and over the top delicious.



I had the chance to do a little pre-taste at the Taco Bell on Louisiana Avenue and I can tell you this. The Cantina Bell Menu will be a favorite at my house and if you give it a try I bet you will find it's a whole new take on flavor from Chef Lorena Garcia and Taco Bell.