I like Faith Hill, we actually have a history together that goes back our roots in Mississippi. Carrie Underwood I just know from American Idol and her shows at the Cajundome. What's really odd is the star crossed connection that these two lovely ladies of song have had through the years.

You may have heard just recently that Faith Hill had decided to "give up" singing the Sunday Night Football opening on NBC. Did she really decide to "give it up" or was that a very nice way to let her exit gracefully?

Who does the network pick to replace Faith in the opening of Sunday Night Football? It's her not so old nemesis Carrie Underwood. Normally that wouldn't be that big of a deal, just a passing of the torch to the next generation, but wait do you remember that award show?

From the video it sure looks like Faith thought that the trophy was going to be sitting in her home. Faith has since laughed that incident off and I am sure she will be among the first to congratulate Carrie on the new singing assignment.

Do you believe there is bad blood between Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill? Do you think it is something that the media keeps bringing up anytime there is a coincidental connection between the two?