Think of all the great toys you had as a kid. Now you young Whippersnappers are going to have to give the old man a little breathing room here. There once was a time when not every toy was electronic and computer driven. Some old school toys actually required the user to think and maybe even move from a seated position. The toy I want to tell you about here is not one of those toys.

This toy is an actual home version of a nuclear power plant. It comes complete with all the stuff you need to generate power in the new atomic age. There are radioactive substances, cooling fans probably even a good chance of getting cancer but did that stop toy makers from unleashing this learning toy on the American  public? Heck No!

The toy was only on the market for a year from 1951 to 1952 and I am sure the reason it was taken off the market had nothing to do with safety. It probably had more to do with poor sales and a $50 dollar price tag. That is $50 dollars in 1950's dollars mind you! The folks at Gizmodo have some other cool toys you might want to check out too. It's good to know that even back in the glory days of America we were still paying too darn much for toys that were far too advanced for our kids.