I should also add to that headline, Chore Wars: How you can get your kids to help around the house without having to yell, scream or threaten them with bodily harm. I remember as a kid we had chores that we had to do. If you wanted to play outside, watch TV or have a soda pop you had to have your chores done. My kids are very helpful around the house, if you remind them time and time again that need to be helpful around the house. Voila, I have stumbled upon the secret to getting even the little ones involved in dishes, laundry and dusting. Want to know how to do it?

We do this at our house, we have chore time and that's when everybody knows that playing on the computer, playing the piano, texting friends and even taking a nap gets pushed aside to earn your keep. I think the kids like having a schedule and they know if they miss chore time, they miss a paycheck. It's part of the real life experience we offer at our house. Are we perfect? Do we yell? Am I wrong most of the time? Of course I am, I am the Dad it's what we do.