When it comes to TV watching my tastes run rather bland. I think the strangest show that I watch on a regular basis might be Wipeout. Tracy Wirtz on the other hand, she not only is on TV she watches a lot of it. As the host of KATC TV's Good Morning Acadiana Tracy has a unique point of view when it comes to television. Here are some of Tracy's thoughts on the new fall season.

"Maybe it's an occupational hazard. I prefer well-written, smart shows, especially those that feature dry humor. This time of year, I get all tingly, and it has more to do with the network teases for season premieres than it does falling temperatures. I dig football season, but give me a remote, a DVR, my king-sized bed and a mountain of pillows,you may not see me for days!

My week is counted in "Once Upon a Time," "Hawaii 5-0," "NCIS," "Bones," "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice", rather than Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

I realized just how addicted I was and just how genetic it is when my daughter came up to me in the kitchen the other day and announced with a high-five, "Mom, Once Upon a Time season premier September 30th! OH YEAH!"

There you have it the self inflicted ravings of a TV Junkie.If you'd like to check out the new fall schedule you can do that right here. What new fall shows are you looking forward to watching? What favorite show of yours do you wish was still on the air?