The nights get cold, the blankets are warm and it is human instinct to sleep covered and cozy. In every relationship there are two kinds of people, those that steal the covers and those that need to be taught a lesson.

While almost all of us have had to fight for our share of the blankets at least one night in our lives, most of us have never gone to jail because of it. Tina Berryhill Rucker of Myrtle Beach South Carolina was sleeping peacefully, we assume, with her live-in-boyfriend.

The boyfriend obviously was feeling the warmth of his relationship with Tina because according to her he kept stealing the covers. After many attempts to get her share of the blanket, Tina must have snapped. She was also intoxicated.  According to the police report Tina became so angry she choked him out. After coming too, the boyfriend fled the scene and called authorities. Tina was charged with domestic violence.