Often we fans of NASCAR are made fun of by our stick and ball brethren who believe our sport is "a left turn and another left turn and another left turn". It is so much more than turning left at a high rate of speed. The skill required to maintain control of these machines at nearly 200 mph is mind boggling. If you don't believe me try taking the curve on Ambassador Caffery near Eraste Landry at 80 mph and not hitting anything.

Danica Patrick is a pretty girl. She is a model and TV spokesperson. She is also a pretty darn good race car driver. Thursday in the Gatorade Duals at Daytona with two laps to go, Danica proved she is also a pretty tough cookie. That was a hard lick. To walk away from it like was nothing is a testament to how finely conditioned the drivers are. It is also a great testimony to lengths the NASCAR teams go to make these ultra fast race cars safe for their drivers.

By the way Danica will start 29th in Sunday's Great American Race and I for one wish her well. I wish all of the drivers well even Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. I hope it is a safe race and the best car with best team showcases the talents of their driver all the way to the checkered flag.