Congratulations to Alicia Pitre of Youngsville who won $4,597.30 for guessing the latest Dawg Pound Sound! The answer was TWISTING THE CAP OFF A SHARPIE MARKER. Here's the sound again and explanations for the "hints". Thanks for not beating us up for our way of thinking. :)

Game #2 Sound:

Game #2 Hints:

1. Think around your children (PlayPEN is around your children)

2. Remember a jumping game (Checkers! And Chubby Checker did The Twist.)

3. Look to the stars (Stars sign autographs with a Sharpie)

4. Think scents for dollars (Definite smell to a Sharpie)

5. Look for the musical instrument in the middle (Harp is in the middle of Sharpie)

6. Don't forget the pie (Pie is in the word Sharpie)

7. Brand name only (Had to be brand specific and not just say marker)

8. Autograph instrument (Self-explanatory)

9. Not dull (Also explains itself)