It must be strange living someplace other than the South during the football season. I'm not talking about the Saints here, I am talking about NCAA Football, the religion that happens on Saturdays. No matter who your team is you've got time honored traditions, Saturday night in Baton Rouge's Death Valley, the  12th man at Texas A&M, the collapsing into the fetal position just before kick off in Oxford Mississippi. It's all good. I don't think much of Ohio State football, after the allegations earlier this year I think less of them. I do however have a special spot in my heart for this particular fan. His last move, or lack of movement, was devoted to the college football team he loved.

 He got in one final cheer at his funeral. Roy Miracle loved Ohio State football all the way to the end of his life. One of Ohio State's traditions, besides cheating and losing to Michigan, is for fans to spell out O-H-I-O using their bodies to form the letters. It's a lot like watching drunks do the YMCA. It's funny for a while then it just becomes an embarrassment. Still I admire Mr. Miracle and his daughter Juli who loved her Dad enough to arrange for this final tribute and to by pass any chance at final dignity by taking a picture of it. Mr. Miracle my condolences to your family and if there is college football in heaven you can rest assured God is watching the S.E.C. It is heaven after all.