In Kentucky, basketball is king. Now that Louisville and Kentucky are playing each other in Saturday's Final Four in New Orleans, you can just imagine how crazy the Blue Grass State is over the matchup.

You can imagine there has been a verbal spar or two over the heated rivalry. But I bet you could not have made up this next story.

Charles Taylor is an avid Louisville Cardinals fan. Ed Wilson is a big Kentucky Wildcats supporter. Both were undergoing dialysis at the Georgetown Dialysis Clinic in Georgetown, Kentucky when Wilson decided to flip Taylor the bird after talking smack on Louisville. Cops say Taylor then walked over to Wilson and punched him in the face.

Good times, eh?

The cops were called but no charges were filed, provided Taylor agrees not to undergo dialysis at the same time Wilson does.

Their teams will just have to settle this little spat for them on the hardwood this Saturday in the Big Easy.