There are a few things in life that are just down right disappointing. When your ice cream falls off the cone and on to the ground, that is disappointing. When you walk out to your car and see you have a flat, that is disappointing. When you feel that slip and slide beneath your feet,smell that smell and realize you have just set foot in dog poo, that is disappointing. Science to the rescue, at least on the dog poop part of our story anyway. Pooper scooper slacker beware the world of CSI is about to desecend upon you and lead to your conviction!

An apartment complex in New Hampshire will be one of the first in the country to authorize DNA sampling of dog poo left on apartment grounds. It seems a lot of the residents who have dogs don't like picking up after them and the complex is ready to take action. The apartment's manager says she has written letters, left notes on doors and this is the final straw. Who knew stepping in dog poo could be so geeky?