Everyday on 97.3 The Dawg's Bruce and the Kennel Club Show around 6:40 am we feature a segment called "What Were They Smoking?" It's exactly what the name implies. The folks in the stories that we share at that time had to be high on something to do the stupid things they did. This story is no exception.

I guess stories similar to this happen everyday. There are mixed signals between a man and woman and that leads to confusion. While one might be thinking their encounter is purely platonic, the other might interpret the interaction as romantic in nature. To be truthful if you reverse the genders in this story it would be a national outrage but since it happened the way it did there is a bit of unplanned comedy in the events. Fortunately nobody was hurt, so that makes it a little easier to smile about.

Here is the story:

Elizabeth Highly and Crue Finley were sharing some drinks a few nights ago. Elizabeth is 56 years old and Crue is 25. Crue interpreted their night of conversation and wine as a platonic encounter. He was just enjoying spending time with Elizabeth. Elizabeth had a different idea.

Elizabeth turned the conversation toward romance and the possibility of physical relations between the two consenting adults. Crue was not in that frame of mind and from what we can tell, politely declined Elizabeth's advances.

This is where it gets strange. Elizabeth must not take rejection well. She proceeded to chase Crue around her home demanding that he change his mind. She even grabbed a hunting knife and a cane to use as persuasive objects. Crue was able to out run the older woman as she chased him around her house. He then took the pursuit out into the street and down the block to a nearby convenience store where a policeman just happened to be parked.

Crue told the officer what was happening just as Elizabeth arrived on the scene carrying the knife and the cane. She was arrested on charges of felony assault. This leads me to my question. Do you find this woman to be attractive? Here is her mugshot.

St. Lucie County Jail


I personally think she looks like a celebrity. What celebrity do you think Elizabeth looks like? I have my own opinion. Don't the eyes remind you of somebody that you have seen before?



Check out the picture below and see if you don't agree that Elizabeth might have a career in Hollywood once her time in the legal system has been served.



I think Elizabeth bears a very similar physical look to this guy:

Kevin Winter/Getty Images