Taylor Swift has been responsible for a lot of firsts in country music. The first, the youngest, the fastest, that's all been Taylor's career. Now Taylor has had to experience a not so happy first.

This is the first time she has ever had to cancel a show and it's all because her doctor said so.  Kudos to the Taylor for promptly rescheduling the show in Louisville Kentucky, I know there were some heartbroken fans.

Needless to say when Taylor hits the stage in October to make the show good fans had better screw their wigs on tight because you know she is going to make it up to them big time. Sorry you're not feeling well Taylor, get better really soon and keep listening to your doctor and your Mom and Dad you make a really great role model when you do that.

Just in case you were jonesing for a little Taylor, here is her video for the number one hit "Mean"