At first glance you'd probably think the answer to the question, "Does your birth month determine your career path", would be no. How can something so random as the month you arrive into the world have anything to do with what you wind up doing to put food on the table. Oddly enough there seems to be some rather unique occurrences that suggest strongly that the month we are born has a lot to do with how bring home our bacon.

In a study prepared by the United Kingdom office of statistics it seems that being born in the Spring months of April and May are least affected by this phenomenon but may have other issues to deal with. Babies who are born in the Summer months of June, July or August have a lower chance of a high paying job such as doctor, lawyer or pro sports athlete.

If you're born in March get ready for adventure the study shows a high number of pilots share March birthdays and if you want to be rich? You need to be born in September, that's where the study shows more pro athletes and physicist are born.

Is this study the result of  pure coincidence? Well scientist have a long agreed that the season of the year in which a child is born has a lot to do with their overall health, maybe this is a function of that particular fact.

You can read more about the entire study here. Do you believe the month you were born has played a part in your career choice? Tell me what month you were born and what kind of work you do and let's create our own not so scientific study just for fun.