I do love a good prank. As long as the prank is something that everyone, even the victim can laugh about.  This would be the kind of prank I think we can all appreciate. When you look at a small car you expect the sound of small car horn. In this case the three pranksters have modified the original equipment by just a little.

Okay they modified the hell out of the car's horn. Imagine you are walking down a sidewalk and you suddenly get the feeling a fully loaded 18 wheeler is about to come crashing into you! Then you turn around to see it's just three Euro-Dweebs in what looks like a Ford Fiesta or Chevrolet Chevette.

While the prank in this video is quite entertaining I couldn't help but thinking about how this would play in the United States. I can just see these three Mentos eating dandy men pulling this stunt on some of our local machine shop guys. I would be willing to bet they would find themselves laughing out of an empty space where their teeth used to be and their air horn would be playing songs from where they used to be able to sit.