Valentines Day is a natural for getting engaged. What could be more romantic than following the lead of a million other sheep and dropping to one knee and asking her to be your beloved for ever. Oops, I let some sarcasm in didn't I? If you are planning getting engaged this Valentines Day or anytime in the near or not to distant future. What about the engagement ring? Who should make the selection? She is the one who will be wearing it, hopefully for forever, however it is the Man who is doing the asking so it should be his choice. I am not sure what the answer is although I know the opinions on this run pretty deep. So let's take a look at the basic process of getting THE RING.

If you and your partner have talked about marriage before an official proposal, one option is to actually go ring shopping for an engagement ring together. This way, she gets to pick the ring she truly wants, and you can take some of the stress off of you to pick the perfect ring. Some women may not like this option, though, and you might want to surprise your lady with your proposal, which means you have to pick a ring without her knowledge or input.

Regardless of what you choose or how you choose it remember the ring is a symbol, it only stands for what you BOTH are willing to put into the relationship. Marriage can be hard work, just ask my wife of nearly 23 years, she will tell you if it weren't for the men, marriage would be a whole lot easier. Or maybe she is just saying if it weren't for me, oh well. Here is to your happiness!