Facebook, it is so popular it has become a verb. I like Facebook, it is a great snapshot of what is going on in the world of people I know and the world of people I don't really know but find very interesting. Some of us I think carry the term "Friend" a little to far in this new medium, so much so that feuds actually break out when one friend unfriends another!

"I have deleted people, added them back, and sometimes when they know I've deleted them once, they'll refuse to add me back. I used to take it personally, but I don't now. If they don't want to be my friend on there, big deal. Some people tend to take things they see on there extremely seriously, and, let it reflect on their relationships off-line. Me, I know it's a fun website people spend a lot more time on than they should, but, it's not reality."

What is your experience with unfriending? Any problems? Hurt feelings or bad blood? I would love to know.