Baseball is a dull game. It is fun to play, it is fun to listen to on the radio, it is painful to watch on TV. If baseball weren't so boring the people who market the game wouldn't have to stoop to cheap carnival tricks and gimmicks to make the game memorable.

This is San Diego, home of the Padres Major League Baseball team. During their game against the San Francisco Giants the other day the Padres unleashed a secret weapon. Squirrel Man, also known as the fastest squirrel in the world.

To break the monotony of having to sit through an agonizing baseball game the Padres allow a fan to come on to the field and run a foot race against the squirrel. Most people don't know that Squirrel Man is actually a NCAA track champion. They find out when even after a huge head start the squirrel goes flashing by the opponent on the way to finish line.

I guess Squirrel Man is good luck because the Padres went on to win the game. They were trailing just before the squirrel took the field.