As you know I am a fan of most of the products that carry the "As Seen On TV" logo. I have Snuggies, Forever Lazy's, Shake Weights, Spray on Hair and a lot of the other fine products you've seen in two minute infomercials on cable TV.

I was doing some pre-Christmas Eve shopping reconnaissance at the Walgreens yesterday when I noticed this incredible gadget. I had never seen such a gadget before but I figured one had to exist. I mean with guys who were built like NFL Coach Andy Reid there had to be a tool to help the portly gentleman stay clean.

The Comfort Wipe will not be a product I will be purchasing and if the Good Lord is willing will never use. I see too many design flaws and potential embarrassing failures with this "poop stick". While I can see the need for this kind of invention, I am desperately trying not to visualize it.  I am comfortable using the toilet tissue just like I was taught as a kid but thank you for trying.