Everyone who works in any type of office knows that during the holiday season there will be a Christmas office party to attend.  Follow these quick, simple survival tips to having the best office party. 

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    Dress Up

    Don't dress up in work clothes, wear something that makes you look professional and festive. Dressing up in something that makes you look and feel good will really help you feel the holiday fun! ONLY wear an ugly Christmas sweater if that is the party theme.

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    Go Alone if You Want To

    If you have a feeling the office party will be horribly boring, just go by yourself so your date does not have to experience the dreadfulness with you. However, if you must bring a date just make sure it is someone who will not reflect badly on you. You don't want to be carrying out your drunk date by the end of the night.

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    Overspend on Your Secret Santa Gift, but NOT Too Much

    If the gift limit is $20, don't buy a $10 gift. BUT also do not spend $50- save those expensive gifts for loved ones. It is ok to overspend by five or ten dollars.

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    Don't Talk About Work

    No one wants to hear or talk about work when they are trying to enjoy a party. Instead, talk to your boss about your life outside of work (if you have one) or their life outside of work.

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    Don't Call in Sick the Next Day

    Stick to the two or three drink maximum rule. Yes, it can be hard; however, if you get too drunk and can't make it to work the next day, you'll never hear the end of it! If you feel like your getting sick, don't go to the party in the first place. Hopefully the party is on a Friday or Saturday and you don't have to worry about work the following day.