Welcome to Flashback Friday a brief stroll down memory lane through the pothole ridden streets of my mind. "Burger Chef, I remember that" is a response I get from just about anyone who is of a certain age and grew up here in Acadiana. I didn't grow up here, but I did grow up with a Burger Chef in my life.

In Starkville, Mississippi the only place to eat after 7pm when I was growing up was Burger Chef. It was located just outside the campus of Mississippi State University and was open until midnight. The very first radio commercial I ever cut as a teenager was for Burger Chef. When I worked the night shift at the radio station in Starkville I used to sign the station off 5 minutes early so I could make it to Burger Chef before they closed.

Many of you have Burger Chef memories based on the stories I have heard. I know there was a Burger Chef in Crowley where P.J's is now. I think there was a Burger Chef on the Evangeline Thruway near Northgate Mall and I think there might have been a Burger Chef in Breaux Bridge too. Was there a Burger Chef in your hometown?

In my hometown Burger Chef became Mr. Cook and then slowly faded away. What happened to Burger Chef? I guess the competition of the fast food industry was too much. And with today's focus on healthy choices I am guessing the Top Shef or the Big Shef probably would not be on any doctors recommended eating list.

Still Burger Chef was a special place to me. As a young boy it was where the cool kids had their birthday parties. It was eating out with your family in a fancy restaurant. It was a place to take a date during those awkward teenage years. It was where we met on Friday nights after the high school football games and it was a part of the fabric that has been woven into my memory. I thought maybe you'd like to remember it too.