The recorder. It was a weapon of torture in my school age days. This plastic flute like instrument was the bane of my existence. I played the saxophone, a real instrument and my friends they played this overly complicated slide whistle.

While I was learning Yakety Sax or some mind numbing song by Kenny G. They were blowing folk tunes on their recorders while accompanied by the music teacher's daughter on the autoharp of all things.

I never really appreciated the recorder for what an amazing musical instrument it could be up until now. This is Matt Mullholland and a selection from  his CD Recorder by Candlelight.

This particular tune you might recognize as the love theme from Titanic, My Heart Will Go On. This performance brought tears to my eyes and if you close your eyes and listen to the haunting sound of this incredible musician and this often disrespected instrument I am sure you will be overcome with emotion as well.