Graduation day--it's a day that students have worked towards for 13 (or more) years and an evening parents have hoped would arrive for 18 (or more) years.  The moment that a graduate walks across the stage to receive his/her diploma is one that forever will remain etched in the memories of everyone who witnessed it.

I'll never forget the moment I saw my high school diploma for the first time.  At that moment, I realized that my worst nightmare--my physics teacher walking on stage and taking my diploma because I had failed the final--wasn't going to come true.  I made it and survived what, at the time, seemed to be the most difficult years of my life.

Last night, another group of students passed through the halls of my alma mater, Beau Chêne High School, for the final time.  However, one graduate noticed a bit of a problem with his diploma.  See if you can spot it.

May the 23th?! Really?! (From the private Auzenne collection)

At first, I thought he was referring to the missing circumflex over the first "e" in Beau Chêne.  It wasn't until he pointed out the date that I realized that the date was slightly inaccurate.

Yep!  You read it right.  It says the "23th day of May A.D. 2014."

After the laughter, I felt a sense of pride.  The newly minted graduate recognized that "23th" is not the proper ordinal form of "23."  Maybe that public school education did pay off!