You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably wonder why, but you will feel this video from a wedding in Great Britain. I am sure it happens more often than we hear about it but it's simply a case of confusion.

The bride and groom are leaving the church. The excited guests, including family and friends, are hailing the couple with confetti. The confetti is contained in small paper cones and that confetti is to be cascaded over the happy couple.

Unfortunately for this couple similarity between the paper cone of confetti and the drinks being served at the bar was a little to close for one of the members of the crowd to discern. If you watch carefully you can see Grandma rear back and let the bride have it, not with confetti but with a cold drink.

The sad part is the genuine remorse the older lady feels after her mistake. I do feel for her. I know she had to be very excited by the momentous occasion and now she is going to be an international superstar thanks to the world wide web.